Documenting Inspiration.

My Do it Productions likes to make films (primarily documentaries) about the basic good in people. We are inspired by people’s lives, actions and stories.  We love making films that give us insight, inspire others or just make us feel good!  There’s a world of stories out there.  How exciting!

Currently in Production:

Wooden Box

Co-produced with Cinema Crime

A documentary about Ben Sollee – a classically trained “folk” cellist , singer and songwriter who is bending the conventions of music and touching the world, one person at a time!

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For more information about Ben Sollee and his music check out his website….

Plain Ride Penn

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Plain Ride Penn is a documentary about Penn a 15 year old girl, in Portland OR, who single handedly rids her school (grades K – 12) of all polystyrene food trays and plastic sporks. It is about the environment, overcoming challenge and how the power of one person can make a difference through determination and the will to do what feels right!

Past Documentaries

I Am Not a Boy – 2007